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I Am A NICU Momma: My Story and What I’ve Learned.

You never think that your baby will end up in the NICU. Let me tell you, it can happen and it will be stressful.

My Pregnancy

I ended up being high risk at 32 weeks. Scarlett tried to come a bit too early. Luckily, my labor was stopped with medication. I continued this medication until 36 weeks. I dealt with the side effects as long as I could, but finally at almost 36 weeks I could no deal any longer. My heart was racing and my chest, neck, and face would get red and flushed. I went into labor exactly one week from stopping the medication and Scarlett made her entrance into the world.

Period Of Bliss, Moments of Panic

The first 27 hours with Scarlett were amazing. She was so beautiful and perfect. At her 2nd check with the pediatrician, they noticed her breathing was off. Too quick. Off to the NICU for monitoring she went. I was still recovering from birth but I spent the next two days running back and forth from my hospital room to the NICU. Finally the Neonataligist diagnosed Scarlett with Pulmonary Hypertension. Her little six pound body was not recognizing it was outside the womb. Her heart would beat too fast or too slow and her oxygen level was not where it needed to be all the time either.

What I’ve Learned

While not every NICU case is as successful as ours, it was definitely a learning experience.
1. Your NICU Nurses are Angels in disguise! I learned so much from Scarlett’s nurses. They were patient with all of my questions and concerns every step of the way.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. If we had not repeatedly asked about Scarlett’s right eye then we wouldn’t have gotten a nurse to finally get it open enough to know we needed a pediatric ophthalmologist.

3. It is absolutely scary seeing your newborn baby hooked up to machines, on oxygen or under the billie light. Don’t worry, your nurses will explain everything and you will begin to learn how to read them to an extent.

4. This too shall pass. I cannot guarantee what outcome each person will have. I pray every day for all the NICU babies out there. No matter what you will make it through the other side. We were blessed and our Scarlett is a NICU graduate.

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