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10 Tips to Survive Teething

Any parent with a teething infants knows all about the sleepless nights of crying and trying to soothe your little one. I’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that may assist you on the long road to twenty teeth.

1. Ice Ice Baby: Freeze a favorite pacifier and let baby chew on it. The cold will help numb the gums and soothe the little one.

2. Helping Hand: If your baby keeps wanting your hand, like my Scarlett does, let them have it… and chew on a finger if they want. (Just make sure that you have clean hands first… no one want a baby that is not only teething but sick). The pressure of your finger pressing into their gums helps alleviate the pain.

3. Drug ‘Em: No, I’m not talking about anything crazy! Tylenol, Advil, or another over the counter children’s pain reliever can help some especially if given at the onset of them getting cranky. Scarlett, so far, seems to have the worst pain starting around six at night. Once we know that time is getting close and see her fussiness increase we give her some medicine to help her out.

4. Rock-A-Bye Baby: Hold your baby close. Touch is so important and can be so comforting. Depending upon your little one’s preferences, they may want you to hold them and walk around or just sit still with them.

5. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp: Teethers are amazing. There are many kinds in all shapes and sizes. Some are made to be frozen while others offer different textures for your little ones sore gums.

6. Let ’em See That Gel-ly Roll: Oral gels are out there but are a source of contention. While they may be helpful, most are not recommended for children under 2 years old, so we advise you discuss this one with your pediatrician.

7. Whiskey-A-Go-Go: Another controversial subject… of course you would not give a baby a shot of whiskey literally. There are old wives tales, and probably your grandma, that swear that dipping your finger in a little drink and then applying it to your baby’s gums will help take away the pain… as with the last tip: consult your pediatrician before doing this!

8. Teething Biscuits For Everyone: Teething biscuits can be found in most grocery stores, and while they make a mess (drool + biscuit = soft biscuit all over baby) they have been known to help soothe baby’s tender gums.

9. Brush Them Tee….Gums: Invest in a baby toothbrush early. These are made of a soft, silicone material and can not only help massage your little one’s gums… but they can help get them used to brushing their teeth. It will also prepare your little one for their first dentist appointment since they will be used to some feeling and looking in their mouth.

10. Frozen Fruit: Freeze your baby’s favorite fruit and invest in a mesh pacifier. This will allow your little one to chomp on something yummy but keep them from choking on any pieces their little teeth may break off.

Always Remember, every baby is different and will begin teething at different times. If you have questions or are unsure which methods are for you, please consult your pediatrician! To see the dislaimer for the blog Click Here

1 thought on “10 Tips to Survive Teething”

  1. Great tips!! We froze pacis and teethers as well. And the frozen fruits were also a big hit with the kiddos. And bibs by the way… clothing savers from all the drooling that comes with teething lol. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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