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Scarlett’s Story: Part Three

That first night without Scarlett in my hospital room with us was so hard. I could not sleep no matter what I tried. The amazing NICU nurses had made sure, before we left, that we knew we could come up any time to see her or call them and they would let us know how she is doing, Most of the night, I was so focused on the fact that I was going to be discharged the next day without my baby.

I was running myself ragged between the fourth and fifth floors of the hospital. All I wanted to do was hold my baby, which I had not done since the pediatrician took her for her check the morning before. All I had been doing was staring at this little body struggling to work correctly and praying. By her second day in the NICU, Scarlett was diagnosed with jaundice. It turns out that it happens fairly regularly with babies who have delayed cord clamping as we chose to do with Scarlett. So, she got to hang out under the blue bili light as well as all of her other monitors. In addition to all of this, I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. This poor little baby was getting stuck in her foot for blood to test her blood sugar as well as whatever testing the doctors were ordering.

I left that night on a high. The nurses made me promise to go home and rest… I woke early and could not wait to see what great progress Scarlett had made overnight. If I only knew what I was walking into…

The nurses were absolutely amazing. I was going from shock to learning mode, and God love them, I asked a LOT of questions! As I was doing one of my many Q&A sessions that second day, looking so longingly at my baby girl, the nurse finally asked if I wanted to hold her. I looked at her awestruck and asked if I could. She smiled and I knew then that if nothing else I could comfort my baby girl with my touch. It was pure heaven when she placed her in my arms. I kissed Scarlett and told her how strong she was. I couldn’t hold her too long as she needed to be under the special light.

Scarlett was still in pulmonary hyper tension but her episodes we becoming less and less. Thursday is when she went into the NICU. By Saturday, she was being weaned slowly off the oxygen to see how her lungs would respond. The nurse on duty during the day with us that weekend was amazing, She celebrated with me when Scarlett was finally on room air. My baby no longer needed the oxygen tubes and her numbers had come back good as well for jaundice. I left that night on a high. The nurses made me promise to go home and rest. They said that they did not want to see me again that night. Finally, a night where I got some decent rest. I woke early and could not wait to see what great progress Scarlett had made overnight. If I only knew what I was walking into…

Left: Scarlett finally off oxygen/ Right: Great numbers on the monitor.

Sunday, 6:30am- Scarlett’s oxygen saturation dropped very low and she went bradycardic (her heart rate was much slower than it needed to be). This was our step back. I arrived at 7:30am that morning. We had the same nurse this morning as we had the day before. When I saw the nurses around Scarlett and she was back on oxygen. My heart dropped to the floor. It took every single fiber of my being not to cry. Her nurse let me know that they had a call in to the pediatrician to see what she wanted to do. I immediately texted Jim to let him know. Within minutes, I was on the phone with the pediatrician and she was explaining that she was transferring Scarlett to the level one NICU that was fifteen minutes away. By the time Jim arrived, so had the transport team. I don’t think that I have ever prayed harder in my life than I did on the car ride to the children’s hospital.

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5 thoughts on “Scarlett’s Story: Part Three”

  1. So hard! Our first was in the NICU right after being born for breathing issues. Thank goodness she was released after three days and was healthy but seeing your baby hooked up to so many monitors is so hard and makes you feel so helpless!


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