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My Top 5 Newborn Items

Now, there are hundreds… maybe millions… of articles on the best products for a newborn. They can be outrageous or simple. There are many items that we bought before Scarlett was born that we simply did not use. Below are the five items that we used the most within her first few months to help us and her transition into our new routine, If you want to try an item, for instance a wipe warmer, try it! There are many consignment and thrift stores that have baby items. You can always donate or resell whatever doesn’t work for your baby. We’ve been through three mobiles before we found the One.


These wonderful, wonderful swaddlers with velcro helped give Scarlett the feeling of being snuggled close without being held. Although she quickly grew to not wanting her arms in, we still use them at times when she is super restless at night. We bought ours at Target, although there are many brands with similar items. We did try a few brands but, again, Scarlett seemed to like this kind the best.

Night-Time Lotion

There is nothing better than getting you little one into a night-time routine. From a bath, to applying lotion, to bedtime storied and a bottle. Routines are so beneficial to babies! Even though mine screamed during bath time and when we applied lotion, I do feel like the lavender lotion helped her drift off to dream. Not to mention it smells so lovely!


It’s two in the morning and you are doing every single thing you can just to stay awake and not drop your newborn. Boom… Boppy to the rescue! I would wrap it around me and let it help me support her during feedings. I used it all the time when she was itty bitty. Now as she has grown, it’s being used for tummy time as well as a support when transitioning her to sitting.

MAM Pacifiers

Now there are a LOT of different brands out there. It just depends on what your child likes. In our house, MAM pacifiers are our brand. As with everything else, we tried a few different brands but Scarlett gets what she wants… for now. We still have the other brands but Scarlett will not take then! They even have glow in the dark ones!

Rolled Up Bath Towels

If you have a snuggle bug, this is an easy addition to the crib or bassinet while they are tiny. We would roll up the bath towels and place the top no higher than mid chest on either side of the baby. This gave her the feeling of being held. When Scarlett was in the NICU, they placed blankets around her to keep her from moving too much. We think she adapted to this way of sleeping and we had to find a way to adapt once we got her home. Thus by far was the easiest as it was already available in our home.

Let me know what newborn item you could not live without in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Newborn Items”

  1. It’s always interesting to read a different perspective to see what worked for others. We did love our Boppy too though. It really does grow with the baby.


  2. We also loved and used the swaddleme. When they got a little older, we transitioned to the ZipadeeZip. My kids slept great in them. They allow some arm movement but still restrict the startle reflex!


  3. Gosh it’s been so long since my babies were babies!! But that swaddler and the boppy were absolutes for us too!! Sweet special times!!


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