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ABC’s of Parenting with Anxiety

Parenting is stressful by itself. Add in an anxiety disorder and it can be debilitating at times. Therefore I give you, the ABC’s of parenting with anxiety.

A is for Anxious: The constant state you are in 24/7 as a parent who suffers from anxiety.

B is for Breathing: Something you have to constantly remind yourself to do. Deep breathing or just breathing in general… you have to remind yourself to do it sometimes. Well, okay, most of the time.

C is for Curse Words: The words the go through your head (or come out of your mouth) during particularly stressful or anxious situations. Also, they are the words you pray your children do not repeat.

D is for Destruction: The one thing that you are constantly worried about will happen to your children, your house, or that your children will do to your house.

E is for Excited: The way you feel, for a fleeting moment anyway, when you make it through another day without losing a child or having a breakdown of any sort.

F is for Freak Out: AKA Breakdown. AKA Panic Attack. In other words, the one thing you really don’t want to happen. Can be caused by various real or made up situations.

G is for Germs: Most of the time, unless you are a germophobe, you don’t worry too much about. Unless it’s been a particularly bad flu season. The one time this is a huge anxiety inducing thought is when you have a newborn with an immune system that has not fully developed.

H is for Home: The one place that you normally feel the least amount of stress… usually… okay, every now and then.

I is for Illness: The one thing you hope that your child never gets, especially the big illnesses.

J is for Judgement: It’s the one thing that not only gives you anxiety but that you fear. There is so much mom-shaming these days that the idea of being judged for the way you parent your children can give you major anxiety.

K is for Kindness: It is all you want from others and all you hope you teach your children to be to everyone. Having anxiety can be crippling at times. Instead of being judged for it, you can only hope that others show you kindness instead.

L is for Lice: Just hearing the word makes you itch and Lord forbid you get a letter from your child’s school that another child has it.

M is for Math: Just wait until fourth grade math comes along… this gives parents who do not have anxiety lots and lots of anxiety. So for all of us with anxiety, multiply that by 20 then divide by 19 plus 3.6 and find the area of these 1,000 boxes.

N is for Never-ending Questions: While all children are super inquisitive, there are days that all of their questions set your anxiety on edge.

O is for Organized: Either it causes you anxiety because you are not organized at all or things are not organized in the way you need them to be. Maybe you have anxiety because you just having trouble being organized in any way.

P is for Playgrounds: Oh, the sweet thought of your child running and playing off all that energy they seem to have in spades. Well, that is until little Jimmy or Jenny is on top of the monkey bars… then all you can see is the possibility broken bones which leads to a possible freak out.

Q is for Quiet: For any parent, when things get quiet, usually the kids are into something that they maybe shouldn’t be.

R is for Restroom: The one place you make your kids go constantly, especially during potty training, for fear that you won’t get to one while running errands.

S is for Stress: While all parents experience stress, when you have clinical anxiety (no matter what form) your stress level is greater. This is where the breathing part comes in.

T is for Tired: This is what all that stress and anxiety causes… extreme fatigue on top of the normal amount of fatigue you have as a parent.

U is for Underwear: The one thing you hope your kid has on and the one thing you hope your kid keeps clean.

V is for Vomit: No parent ever wants to see their child sick… or physically getting sick.

W is for Worry: It’s a state of constant being. All. The. Time.

X is for Xylophone: You know that toy that you asked them to stop playing so many times that it finally drove you over the edge… so it may have ended up in the trash or being donated to another parent to drive them crazy.

Y is for Your Food: In addition to being tired, constantly worrying about your child… they also tend to want to eat your food. So, you may be hungry because of this or because you are not eating properly due to your anxiety.

Z is for Zoo: The state of your house upon occasion… such as one of your children’s birthday parties… that causes you anxiety to become worse than normal.

While I have kept this list a bit light-hearted, anxiety is no joke. I am clinically diagnosed and the effects of it can be debilitating. There are times that it takes everything you have to get your panic attack under control just so you can make it through your day. Never be afraid to discuss your anxiety with you doctor.

50 thoughts on “ABC’s of Parenting with Anxiety”

  1. What a wonderful post ๐Ÿ™‚ . I struggle with parenting with anxiety, and there isnโ€™t often much to laugh about the situation โ€“ these were so spot on! Iโ€™m still smiling ๐Ÿ™‚ . I particularly love the N for Never-ending questions. Iโ€™ve got twins, and I think they never stop talking! It drives my anxiety over the edge, especially when I canโ€™t answer the questions. Thanks for reminding me that itโ€™s such a silly thing, if I just take the time to laugh!


  2. I think this is my kind of alphabet! Struggling with anxiety can really be all-inclusive and there are so many things to be constantly worried about.


  3. What a clever look at parenting with Anxiety! When my kids, and now grandkids go on the long question train, I turn it around. I ask them, โ€œHow would you answer that question if a child were to ask it of youโ€? In my case it causes them a long pause and they often answer their own question. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Such a clever take on the alphabet. And yes… yes to all 26 of those items. “X” might be for Xanax during those really, really hard moments.


  5. Trying to avoid X being for Xanax is tough.. especially with recent events. Thank you for this. I relate completely. Feeling like an elephant is standing on my chest is tough when I have this beautiful being and a wonderful life.


  6. This is great! I think I have read it several times, and it always makes me laugh. You really captured the anxiety associated with being a mom.

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  7. I personally don’t struggle with anxiety but I have had friends from my past that have struggled with it. From what I have witnessed, it is no laughing matter! Thank you for helping me gain more insight to parents with anxiety.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! It is no fun when you are in the middle of an anxiety attack but you sometimes have to have a sense of humor about the situation later. At least I have found it as a good coping mechanism.


  8. Hi,
    I see where you’re coming from. I have suffered anxiety my whole life. I am on a journey of healing. I was just about to put through an order from iherb for some more supplements recommended in the book “Put anxiety behind you” by Peter Bongiogno. I found the book so helpful and have felt so much better since taking the supplements and following his advise.

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  9. I totally let the curse words slip sometimes. I am lucky my daughters have really good heads on their shoulders and just laugh and know not to repeat!

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  10. This is GREAT! As a fellow anxiety-sufferer, I completely relate. The restroom one…hahaha. My now 9 year old used to LOVE going to public bathrooms. Upon entering she’d yell “ECHO!” as loud as she could. I’m laughing just thinking about it. Her obsession with using portapotties was less amusing…

    Great post, mama. Seriously, great!

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  11. Love this list! Although I don’t have anxiety, as a mom I’ve worried about all these things, too. I usually find comfort in knowing other moms have gone through the same thing and deal with the same issues. If they can do it, so can I!

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  12. Such a great way to look at parent anxiety! I think there are so many waysthat anxiety can affect us that we donโ€™t usually think aboutIts important to realize why you feel the way you do!

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  13. So, is it awful that this is exactly what it’s like to have two overprivileged Labradors + an anxiety disorder of my own? We’re already planning that X will be for Xanax when my big Lab’s nerves are shot during the Independence Day fireworks and, in turn, Mama’s will be as well…

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