Effortless Ways to Donate Without Spending Money

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It seems that every time we turn around, we are receiving requests to donate money to an organization or our children’s school. For a lot of families, monetary donations are just not always possible. Many of us live pay check to pay check so finding funds to give to causes, even if we fully believe in their mission, is just not possible. There are so many ways to donate without spending a single penny! It just takes a little time and maybe a little cleaning out some closets.

Call local homeless or women’s shelters to see what kind of supplies they are in need of. It could be anything from clothes to toiletries. You know those ten bottles of mini shampoos that you had collected over the years from hotels? If you’ve not used them by now, clear off that shelf! Are your closets overflowing with blankets? There are those less fortunate that may need even the thinnest blanket to try to stay warm. Better yet, when was the last time that you went through your closets or your kids closets to remove clothes that no longer fit? There are many men, woman and children that may need them!

Are you an animal lover? Call you local animal shelter to see what supplies they may be low on, especially if they are a 501(c)(3) shelter. 501(c)(3) shelters must take any revenue coming into the shelter must go toward the operating costs. Many of these shelters are ran completely by volunteers. You never know what they may need. It could be anything from cleaning supplies to wet food to toys. Now, as I said you do not have to spend a dollar to donate! You could give a bit of your time to the shelter. Whether it is volunteering to help clean the shelter, work on adoptions, or, my personal favorite, just stopping in to socialize the animals.

Do you crochet, knit or sew? What about all those baby clothes you have from when your kids were little? Contacting your local NICU is a great way to see what items they may accept. Preemie or newborn size clothes are great for some NICU’s as they like to dress the little ones that they are able to. Handmade hats are another great addition to donate to NICU’s. If you are like many crafter’s, you have an abundant supply of yarn or fabric. What an excellent way to use some of those supplies collecting dust.

What about donating food to a food bank? If this is not something you do, what about playing a game online to help feed those in need. Free Rice is an online game where you earn ten grains of rice for every correct answer that go to feed those who are hungry. May sure that you do not have an ad blocker on, as the money from the ads is what pays for the food they help provide.

There are so many ways to donate without spending one single penny! An added bonus is that you may even make a little more room in your closet while helping those in need. Let me know what ways you donate without spending money in the comments below!

33 thoughts on “Effortless Ways to Donate Without Spending Money”

  1. I love this! I think everyone needs to read this. I, personally, coupon and donate SO much of my stock pile every week. Feels good to give back. I want to take my kids to volunteer when they are old enough too.

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    1. We have a cat at our local shelter who will lay in one after they’ve taken most of the towels out. They prop it open so her cannot get stuck but yes it makes me a little nervous too! I always make sure mine is closed tight!


  2. Thank you, this is extremely helpful and inspiring. Giving your time or bartering services are other things that I like to do. Someone always needs something, especially elderly people in the neighborhood who don’t have family. This was great!

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  3. I have never thought of an alternative donation ! Such a great idea. Before j have really wanted to contribute but was unsure how due to low funds. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

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    1. We never have a lot of money to donate which is why we started doing other avenues to help. It’s great to be able to donate clothes or household items we don’t use. There are so many ways once you figure out who to talk to and where to go!


  4. I love this post so much. It is so easy to give, whether it be funds, donations for resale or your time, both are desperately needed. I hope that more people read this post and inspires them to help with local charities, since they are usually the ones that need it the most. I am big animal lover and I support our local no kill shelter, via funds, supplies and donations for resale at there store front.

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  5. These are such wonderful ideas! We also live with a very tight budget, and I always feel like we could be doing more for others. I especially like your idea to call homeless shelters and see if they need anything that we could donate. Thank you!

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  6. What a thoughtful list to give back without having to spend money. Thanks for the good tips and I especially love the idea of donating to women’s shelters. My mom always did that growing up and it was so cool to see how grateful they were.

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  7. The tip about websites reminds me of and the similar affiliate sites. Daily clicks are free and help the corresponding cause!

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  8. I love this list! When we got our dog we gave the puppy supplies we didn’t use to the humane society! I should bring them my extra treats and leashes.

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  9. I recently donated my old car to the veterans! Which was perfect and it made something which was an inconvenience to me, a convenience to someone else! Also, love being able to donate food to my church, or old shoes to waterstep which have shoe-stops throughout cities.

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  10. This is so true. Sometimes we think because we do not have extra funds to donate, we are unable to help. This article serves as a reminder or resource for ways to help out. Thank you for this post.

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