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One Day in My Life

So, this is just one day in my life. Every day is always a little different but basically the same. Especially the days that I work. As the old saying goes: The grass is always greener on the other side. I would love to stay at home with Scarlett and be able to pick Sissy up from school. Our reality is that it just is not possible for us financially (not to mention having double insurance coverage on Scarlett is a huge help). I know there are some Stay at Home Mom’s who would love to work outside the home. I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my day.

4am- 7am: My alarm is, usually, Scarlett. If I am lucky, I get to sleep a little bit longer after her bottle. She is finally starting to sleep through most of the night. Finally!

7am: Depending on which Grandma is babysitting. I wake my mother in law up to take over with Scarlett or turn on Baby First TV (and run back and forth between the bathroom and my bedroom) until my mom arrives. (Yes, we are blessed that our moms help out. That includes my mother in law driving up and staying with us during the week since they live a little over 2 hours away). I get ready for work. Making sure that I have set Scarlett’s solid foods out for the day as they are frozen. Packing my backpack with my notebook for working on the blog, yarn and crochet hook, and my lunch.

8:30am: Out the door. Now, I do not have to be at work until 10am, but the bridge I take into Kentucky is down to one lane each way due it being painted. Plus, you never know when traffic is going to be crazy. So, I sacrifice a little extra time with Scarlett to make sure I get to work on time.

8:50-9:10am: Arrive at the parking garage and begin the 7 block walk to work. Yes, there are closer garages/parking lots, but this one is paid for by my employer. So I walk and listen to an audio book to help pass the time. Once I arrive at work (it is about a 15 minute walk), I eat my breakfast and enjoy the calm before the storm.

10am: Time to clock in and start taking calls. Working in a call center is not the most glamorous job but it definitely pays the bills. Also, it is not retail and allows me to be home every night and off on the weekends. That was the big draw to this job. Working retail I was hardly home, and when I was home I was sleeping.

2pm- Lunch time. I opted for an hour lunch so that I could decompress from the phones. It also allows me to make any calls that I need to for appointments for Scarlett. I will also call the hubs and see how his day is going. I try to pack my lunch every day so that we save money and I can make sure that I am eating healthier. I text grandma and see how Scarlett’s day is going. My latest way to relax on lunch is to download some TV shows from Netflix to watch. After my hour is up, time to get back on the phones.

4pm-5pm: Hubs gets home and lets me know the plan for the night. If there is anything he is stopping to get or if I need to stop on my way home. We are a total team… that is the one thing that makes our relationship strong. Communication and working together.

7pm: Time for my walk back to the parking garage. That is if I do not get stuck on a last minute call.

7:30-7:45pm: I finally arrive home. If I am lucky, it is time to feed Scarlett and I get to do it. If not, Hubs will have dinner waiting on me and allow me some time to eat before I take baby girl for our nightly snuggles before bed. It is so important to me to have this time with her to play, snuggle, and bond. She is a total momma’s girl! She has gotten to where her little head whips around when the front door opens. She knows momma is home! If I do not take her right away, she will start to fuss.

8:30-9:30pm: Scarlett is usually asleep by 9:30 at the latest. This is now time for hubs and I to watch our shows together as we share how our days went. Some nights, if we do not have anything to watch, we take time to ourselves. This is another key component to our relationship. Usually, I am networking for the blog and he is watching a show or playing a video game.

It’s not an exciting day by any means, but it’s mine. I live for Friday’s and bank holidays (I work with stock, so if the exchange is closed so are we!). I live for the time I get to spend with my family. Sissy is only with us every Wednesday and every other weekend. We try to find ways to do things together or for her to have some time with just one of us. Being a parent is no walk in the park, no matter if you work outside the home, work at home, or are a stay at home parent. The one thing that we all need to keep in mind is that it doesn’t matter which you do. As long as your family is taken care of, loved, and you get time to enjoy one another’s company.

Let me know what a typical day is for you in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “One Day in My Life”

  1. Do you live in Cincinnati? I live in KY, and when you mentioned crossing the bridge to get here, it made me think of Cincinnati. πŸ™‚
    I love these posts – it’s fun to see a day in the life of a blogger!
    That’s awesome both of your moms are able to help with the girls.

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  2. Busy day. I love to hear how others spend their time.
    SAHM or working mum we are all busy just sometimes in different ways. As long as we have quality time as a family I think we are winning.

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  3. I am a mom of 4, all grown now. But I remember how every moment not working was spent with my children and the house. It is a very busy, stressful, joyous time of life that goes by much too quickly. Enjoy!!

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    1. I try to cherish every minute. Our home is definitely “lived in” πŸ˜† The last 7 months have flown by with Scarlett and I don’t know where my 3 years went since I came into Sissy’s life!


  4. Loved this glimpse at your day! I can so relate to your pain for being away from your little one. I’m aspiring to stay home someday too when the time is right. Just gotta keep moving forward and remembering the “why” behind it all. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m staying home but wondering if I should be. I alternate housework/meal prep/dog wrangling with writing and business management while my son is at school, then I pick him up and get him fed, organized, and off to activities. It’s busy. But I trained as an OB/GYN and quit 3 years ago. I love being home but it’s financially tough and my family thinks I lost my mind. Decisions, decisions.

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    1. No matter what we decide, I think we struggle with it. What makes you happy? That is always what I ask myself… now my decisions are not based solely off of it though


  6. That header picture is so spot on. The story of my life πŸ™‚ It’s a time to cherish and balance properly, so that we can enjoy them while they are still young

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  7. I love posts like these! I’m a SAHM to my two-year-old daughter and I have been meaning to do a post on this but my day is usually (and sorry if this is long) but

    Aubri (daughter) wakes us (or my husband up if I’m lucky) between 6:30AM-7AM and then my morning routine starts with giving her pancakes, doing a fifteen-minute cleaning (making beds, putting dishes away, putting away her toys,etc.) getting ready for the day, and then I spend the morning bonding with my husband before his shift starts.

    The afternoon is spent playing with her (a new thing I’m trying to focus on because I worry about things I need to do instead of playing), making a blog post or interacting with others, and doing a power hour where I’m productive and getting stuff I need or would like to get done (cleaning, organizing, planning, etc.) and have some me-time to relax before night routine starts.

    Our night routine is after dinner I do an evening 15 minute clean (wash dishes, pick up her toys, clean up from dinner, etc.) and then I get her ready for bed (shower, pajamas, three books, brush teeth, and then bed (usually she’s out by 8 PM))then I have some more time to myself (more blogging, yoga, reading, playing video games, whatever I feel like.) until my husband gets home (almost midnight) and then I get in my pajamas, brush teeth, wash face, and then we go to bed to do it all over again the next day.

    Really, my day is balancing parenting, productivity, and me-time or I would go crazy. It’s a lot of work even if it doesn’t sound like it. My routine has shifted a lot until I have worked into this – seems to work just fine for us.

    I would be lying if I said EVERY day is like this – it is just my ideal daily routine!

    Keep up the great work! I love your blog.

    CiCi | Navigation To Happiness

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    1. I think it’s really all about balance no matter what. It’s just hard to find every day and that’s ok. The way I look at… the girls are clothed, fed, and loved. I get bonding time with them and hugs and that matters most.

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