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We Have An Announcement!

So, first, thank you for all of the love and support since we launched at the very end of 2017! I never expected when I started this journey that we would be where we are.

Did you see the new logo? I think it’s pretty awesome!

If you have followed us for a while, this announcement will not be a huge surprise. I was invited to be involved in a wonderful blog, PFV Kids Blog, by the founder, Kyla Charles. Kyla was the first mom I really connected with who had a baby with the same three conditions as Scarlett. I literally jumped at the opportunity to contribute.

I have since taken on a bigger role in PFV Kids and will be posting any Scarlett updates there. I will still post some updates on Eye See Scarlett from time to time but they will not be related to her eye conditions or medical care. All of the will be on PFV Kids.

With that being said, Eye See Scarlett will continue the transition as a parenting and mom lifestyle. I hope to continue to see you all as this transition is pretty much complete. Scarlett will still appear an our social media pages regularly. She is not going anywhere… well, she is rolling everywhere around the house, but you all know what I mean!

Thank you again so so much for loving our family and supporting this crazy little idea I had on a very sleep deprived night. You all are amazing!

All Our Love,

Raina, Jim, Sissy, and Scarlett

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