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Honest Mom Review: Arrows and Lace Boutique

Disclaimer: I did receive a discount on the items I purchased in exchange for being a brand representative and posting a review of the business. While I did receive a discount, all opinions are my own.

Since I began blogging, I have been trying to think of ways to raise awareness for not just Scarlett’s eye conditions but for children with eye prosthetics. I call it the #redefinebeauty campaign. I am a one woman campaign but it is on. Ever since I learned about being a “Brand Rep” for a company on social media was a thing… I have been trying. This is the first company that we have worked with and also, the first in what I hope is a new series titled: Honest Mom Reviews. Enjoy!


First, for any girlmom, looking at clothes online is a task that turns from just a few minutes to “How did three hours go by?” Just how it seems to go. When I first went to Arrows and Lace Boutique website, I was drawn in due to the clean design. It is super easy to navigate, and the photos are great quality. The logo is fantastic!

We will be brand reps for a total of three months for the Spring Collection. I wanted to make sure that I found items that we would put Scarlett in more than once. Plus, with an upcoming trip this summer, she needed a great dress! I narrowed my selections down to about 6 items. Out of respect for my husband, I went over the items with him. It was then narrowed down to one item. He is not a fan of Modern baby clothes. So, I took charge, and explained he would just have to like what I picked.

As I was shopping, I noticed that none of the items I looked at had any information on the clothes other than sizes. The crafty mom in me likes to know what kind of fabric items are made of. This is also of concern as there are people who have sensitivity to certain fabrics. I know it sounds silly, but it is totally true. Also, some of the items are still labeled as Fall. If this is the Spring collection, either this needs updated or removed from the collection. That kind of confused me for a moment, as I was under the Spring Collection but the item clearly said Fall. I have since looked back at the item and noticed that Spring has been added under it as well. Shipping and notifications are spot on. We received the items approximately two weeks after ordering. On to the items we purchased!

White Floral Romper – $26.95

From the moment I saw the picture, I knew this would be ordered. Normally, I would never buy white anything for a baby that has mild reflux, but it called me name. There is only a picture of the front on their website so I was amazed when I saw the back after it arrived! O.M.G. Absolutely amazing! I was surprised at how slick the fabric was, especially for a romper. You would think that it would be a material that would not slide easily especially for a baby to wear. Again, details on the fabric would have made this less of a surprise. Regardless, this is my second favorite item out of the four we purchased.

Rosey Dress – $28.95

This dress has POLKA DOTS!! They really excite me. I loved the bright color and the pop of floral. Also, the back to the dress was a major selling point. The only downside was the fact that I had to tie the bow. Thank God for YouTube! It is still a bit big on Scarlett, but I am hoping that it fits well in August. We have a wedding reception we are going to and Miss Scarlett needs to be darling for her cousin. Again, this is made of a slick fabric but with it being a dress is not as big of a deal for me.

Peplum Dino Set – $29.95

Have I mentioned our love for all things dino? Everything that we have been able to find so far has been in the boys section. While this does not bother us, we were both super, super excited to see this girly dino set! I loved everything about this set once I saw it online. Once I had it in my hands, I loved it just as much, The shirt and bloomers feels like a cotton stretch blend. The smallest size was 6-12 months and knowing that it may take until the end of summer before she can wear it is a gamble we were willing to take. I did put it on her and take a picture but it is still way too big for my tall, petite girl.

Wild One Set – $29.95

I will give you one guess what I got this set for… Scarlett turns one in August! I thought this set was absolutely adorable and would be perfect for our girl to celebrate in. The short and headband are made of the same slick fabric… almost silky. Again, not ideal for holding a wiggly infant but we will see how it goes. The tank is perfect! Although both items say 100% cotton, I only believe the tank is. Again, the headband is not tied, so I will have to consult the all might YouTube.

Overall, I am happy with the items we ordered. I really wish that there was more information on the fabrics that each item is made of. It would lead to less surprises when the items arrive. Their customer service is great and I would recommend that you check them out. Honestly, I will be going back to them when looking for a cute, modern outfit for my girl.

21 thoughts on “Honest Mom Review: Arrows and Lace Boutique”

  1. I love these little onesies! I have a blue one that seems almost identical to an outfit I LOVED my daughter in when she was younger. I ordered off of AMAZON so I am unsure if it was the same brand. Super Adorable!!

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  2. I love the outfits you chose! I also always love an honest review so good to know. I will be sure to ask about what fabric on any item I purchase before hand.
    Also, your little girl is just darling!

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  3. That White Floral Romper is adorable! With two boys, I have always longed for a little girl to dress in something like that. But, I love my boys 🙂

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