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12 Totally Fun Holidays to Celebrate with Your Kids

There are so many holidays! Literally hundreds of them… almost every day throughout the year. I picked one for each of the twelve months, that I not only found interesting but that could be incorporated into a craft or learning experience for your kids! I know that I will definitely be creating some new traditions this year around some of these fun days!

Kid Inventor’s Day
When: January 17th

This fun holiday is celebrated on Benjamin Franklin’s birthday! This is the perfect day to get those little creative minds going! This is a great day to break out the craft box and ask them to make something!

Random Acts of Kindness Day

When: February 17th

What better way to teach you kids that something small can make someone’s day! There are so many activities that can be done. Have them make little kindness cards with a little message and hand them out randomly at the store. Have them decide where to go for a treat or lunch and pay for the order behind you. Whatever you can think of would work great for this day.

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

When: March 26th

This is literally what the name implies! Let your kids decide what person, place, animal or whatever their litte heart desires to celebrate! You can plan crafts or gifts(if for a person). There is not limit to what you can do on this day!

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
When: April 8th

This is a great excuse to hit up your local library! Grab an Ornithology book and let the kids explore until they find the bird they want to draw. This will give them the opportunity to not only create art but to learn about the bird they are drawing.

Free Comic Book Day

When: May 5th

Even if it has mostly pictures, it still counts as reading! There are so many comic books for kids of all ages from Disney to Scooby Doo to The Avengers. The best part about this day is you get a FREE comic book! Just make sure to find a comic book store in your area that is participating.

World Ocean Day
When: June 8th

This is a great whether you live close to the ocean or not! You can discuss how plastic gets to the ocean and harms wildlife, the different types of animals that live in the ocean, or how the coral reefs are in danger. There are so many topics you can cover or let your kids take the lead and tell you what they would like to learn about the ocean.

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

When: July 27th

This is just a fun way of saying to go take a walk! You can spin this day any way you want. Go get some felt or an old pair of pants and let the crafting begin! Let them make some funky, creative pants for your walk. Or, you can make a stiff pair of small pants and add a stiff leash… now you really can take your pants for a walk! Again, this one is so open to many options.

National Tell a Joke Day

When: August 16th

We all know our kids know a lot of jokes! This is the day to let it all out… knock, knock jokes, dad jokes, jokes that don’t make sense. This could be used as an opportunity to go buy a joke book to pass around as a family.

Read a Book Day
When: September 6th

If you can’t tell I am all about getting kids to read. We encourage reading in our house most of the time. Leading up to this day, take a trip to Goodwill, Salvation Army or Half Price Books (to keep the prices reasonable) and let them stock up. Make it an event! Schedule a time and place for each kid and yourself to read… preferably keeping the kids out of arms reach from one another!

National Homemade Cookies Day

When: October 1st

Many kids love to help in the kitchen!You can use it as a teaching experience not only for kitchen safety but also as math practice for your kid learning fractions! Not only do I sneak veggies into my kids food but I will use cookie making to help their math skills!

King Tut Day

When: November 4th

I love anything involved with Ancient Egypt! This day celebrates November 4th, 1922 when archeologists discovered King Tut’s tomb. You can use this holiday to not only teach your kids a bit about ancient Egypt but also about archeology! What kid doesn’t like to dig and find things?

Roots Day

When: December 23rd

At some point, kids are curious about where they come from… and I am not talking Birds and Bees! Am I Irish, Nigerian, Columbian, Italian??? Where do my ancestors come from? This time while family is gathered would be a great time to make a family tree starting with the grandchildren and working back so that they can discover where their roots are. Not only will it keep the kids occupied but almost every family I know has that one uncle or aunt that is all about family history.

So, what is your favorite unusual, fun or interesting holiday? Let me know in the comments below!

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