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5 School Lunch Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

How is it time for the kids to go back to school? Here in our area, some schools went back as early as the end of July!Sissy started school last week and I have been contemplating how to change up her usual lunch. So, I started thinking about the kinds of food I like to take for lunch. While she doesn’t have the luxury of a microwave, I have come up with some ideas that have a little more sophistication… she is in fifth grade after all!

My formula for deciding what to put together comes down to the simple fact: will it fit in her lunch box and consist of more than just sugary options. I wanted to opt for fresh fruit and veggies as much as possible. I also keep teeny, tiny containers for condiments. Also, I thought if she would be able to make and pack it herself. She has a reusable water bottle she takes to school daily. She will either drink water for lunch or juice.

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter and Grape Jam Sandwich with Apple Slices, Baby Carrots and Celery Sticks
PB&J is a lunch staple and not just in my fifth graders lunch. I prefer using jams over jelly since it is so much easier to spread. I paired it with 2 sides that are commonly eaten with peanut butter.

Turkey on Pita with Hummus and Pretzels

Using a pita vs bread is a great way to give a change when sending sandwiches regularly. When it comes to sandwiches, you can alway load on spinach, lettuce, tomatoes… whatever your kid loves! Hummus is not only a side but can be used as a spread in the pita as well.

Salad with Ham or Tuna with Light Dressing and a Peach

Adding protein to a salad is a great way to get fueled up for the rest of your day. Having a salad also opens to door to so many awesome veggies!

Whole Wheat Turkey Wrap with Baked Potato Chips and an Apple

Wraps are another great alternative to sandwiches. You can add cheese and as many veggies as possible. Bonus points if you can cut it into rounds like sushi! Chips are great but not always great for you. We try to keep the baked options but do indulge in the regular versions as well.

Ham Steak with Cheddar, Grapes, and Side Salad

Ham and cheddar cubes. Finger foods are another great alternative. Add a side salad for their serving of veggies.

How does she like these ideas… we will have to wait and see! What was your favorite lunch when you were in school?

10 thoughts on “5 School Lunch Ideas the Whole Family Will Love”

  1. I love this list! Though I am a homeschooling mom, it’s still great to keep in mind for when I run out of ideas at home or when we are schooling at a park or something and I have to pack lunches.
    Thanks for sharing

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