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One Year With Our Baby

What I Have Learned in One Year

Scarlett is my first bio baby. I came into Sissy’s life when she was seven. I helped raise my nephew but he was almost two when I began watching him. So this whole newborn to adulthood with a child is so new to me. Here are the the 10 things I have learned or experienced in that year.

Babies are totally dependent on you but you make it work despite being sleep deprived and hungry and sleep deprived.Babies are amazing and absorb and learn so much so quickly.

  • If you ever swore you would never do something when you had kids of your own… be prepared to do it and then admit it to your best friend.
  • Every baby is different and will hit milestones in their own time. Don’t worry if your babe is crawling or talking later than everyone else’s babies seem to be.
  • I totally believe that my heart grew the moment she was born.
  • Diapers… so many diapers.
  • Newborn poop (aka meconium) is something I am glad you only deal with for a short time.
  • The NICU is a scary, wonderful place. If you have to go, just remember the nurses are just as invested in your baby’s well being as you are.
  • Going back to work is so hard but if you have to do it… it will be okay. It took me a few weeks before I felt okay with the decision.
  • Enjoy every little babble, open mouthed kiss, snuggles, and even the late night feeding snuggles. Unfortunately, they have to grow

20 Facts About Scarlett

  1. She is so aware of every little thing. She is very observant and catches on quickly.
  2. On nights that teething is bad, she wants to sleep snuggled up to momma but have a hand on daddy for comfort.
  3. She has hyperflexible joints in addition to wearing a prosthetic eye.
  4. She was born 3.5 weeks early and ended up in the NICU for 1 week.
  5. She is a fighter. I knew this before she was born and she still is just a fierce and stubborn to this day.
  6. She is now aware of her prosthetic eye. She touches it and knows there is something different about it.
  7. She can already say Mama, Dada, Bye Bye and possibly Emma and Hi/Hey.
  8. She love love loves food. All kinds. Smoked meats are high on the list along with avocado and sweet potatoes.
  9. She loves giving kisses and tries to play kissy monster but all I end up with is a wet cheek
  10. She loves her kiki’s aka her furbrothers and fursister. She is doing a much better job of being gentle with them.
  11. She wore 3-6 month onsies until 10 months of age but jumped to wearing some 12 month clothes now.
  12. She has 2 teeth and 2 more trying to come in.
  13. She love patty cake and peek a boo.
  14. She loves looking at our friends all over the world that have lucky eyes like her.
  15. She sleeps just like her momma. Exact positions and all.
  16. She had a heart murmur that is now healed up. It is a common issue for preemies and we got a clean bill around 9 months old.
  17. She loves kids her size or almost her size.
  18. She loves hugs.
  19. She is a truly happy baby unless she’s hungry. Then she gets hangry and Lord help you if you don’t move fast enough.
  20. She adores and loves her sissy so much. She lights up when sissy is around and it is amazing to their relationship grow.

Thank you all so much for following our journey and giving our family so much love.

What was the most important thing you learned in your first year as a new parent?

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