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10 Cute Halloween Costumes for Baby

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What better way to get ready for Halloween than this amazing round-up of adorable Halloween costumes for babies! I tend to shy away from the traditional costumes because who wants to be dressed up like every other baby on the block! Today, I am sharing with you some of my favorite costumes that I came across on my search for Scarlett’s Halloween costume.

Baby Stay Puft

How adorable is this Stay Puft costume?!?! Since my husband is part of the Louisville Ghostbusters, we have discussed doing a family costume of this theme.

Baby Peacock Costume

How adorable is this peacock! This would definitely be an eye-catching costume for any little one!

Baby Elvis Costume

The King is in the building! This is the costume for any little Elvis lover! Many littles love to dance to his music, why not dress them up as The King?

Baby Sea Turtle

Under the sea! This sea turtle costume is a colorful, bright. Perfect for any baby who loves the water!

Baby Werewolf

Who is afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf? No one because he (or she) is too cute!

Baby Viking

Get your baby ready to raid and pillage for candy with this fun costume!

Baby Dragon

Dress your little one (or ones) as dragons so you can be the Mother of Dragons! What a fun family costume opportunity for Game of Thrones fans!

Baby Cappuccino

For all of our coffee lovers… here is the perfect costume for your little one! Dress the husband up as the Target bullseye and you are all set!

Baby Pineapple

O. M. G. This amazingly cute costume would be perfect by itself or for a family fruit or BBQ costume theme.

Baby Black Cat

How stinkin’ adorbs is this black cat costume! Being an animal lover (we have 4 rescues) and knowing the statistics when comes to black cats and adoption… I had to include this one. Black cats are not just for Halloween and you can help raise awareness to the low adoption rates of the mini house panthers at your local shelter.

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of Halloween costumes! I cannot wait for Halloween this year as it will be the first Halloween where we will be dressing Scarlett up!

What are you dressing your ghosts and goblins up as this year?

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