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Hello Kentuckiana Momma

Life Evolves Even in Blogging

When I started Eye See Scarlett, it was to share our journey with her eye conditions and to let other parents know they are not alone. I am so proud of what we have done with the blog and social media. I have met parents from around the world and helped them especially in the first few month which are the scariest. The best part is that I am seeing the kindness spread like wildfire as they enter their new normal and help newer parents on their journey. It is amazing but, as time went on, the shift in focus went from PFV to all things parenting/motherhood. Once I was invited to join PFV Kids, I knew it was a matter of time before a total rebranding took place. I debated and searched for a name that fit. Everything I found was vetoed and nothing seemed to stick… until now.

So What or Where the Heck is Kentuckiana?

Unless you are from the Louisville Metro area, this one may not make sense. Let’s just say that Indiana and Kentucky came together to make a baby… that baby is Kentuckiana. It is roughly comprised of Louisville Metro and a few surrounding counties on the Kentucky side and several counties in Southern Indiana. So, I can see you asking… you just couldn’t pick a state? I tried. It didn’t feel right. I have spent equal parts of my life on both sides of the Ohio River. We joke that Indiana doesn’t want us and Kentucky won’t let us vote in their elections. I live on the Indiana side of Kentuckiana. We are kinda like the redheaded step child. All joking aside… I created a visual reference in case that may help a bit more. This is home for me, always has been and will probably always be.

So What’s Next?

While we have been able to change the name on half of our social media… there are a few platforms that we will be opening new accounts on. Facebook being the main one. Twitter possibly the second. Currently, we will be continuing to publish posts to but everything will be branded Kentuckiana Momma within the next week. As we begin work on the new website, wish me luck… I have kids, work, and sleep… changing everything over takes time and knowledge. I have no clue about building a website but it’s going to happen!

The content will largely stay the same. Parenting, Food/Recipes, Issues relating to Mom Life, and our Creativity/DIY section. I will continue to share our daily journey with Scarlett on our social media channels. For any Scarlett posts that are more detailed, they will be on PFV Kids and I will share the links.

Thanks for joining us on our journey, continuing on with us through the rebrand and the new website once it is up and going.

Scarlett is excited for the changes!

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