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Honest Mom Reviews: NUBY Teething Products

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If you follow us on social media, then you know we are in the midst of teething. We still have not even had a glimpse of a front tooth but they are right there! Not. A. Glimpse. Any parent can tell you that teething is a bear… no, an actual bear would be easier to handle. Thank goodness for amazing teething products! Today, I am going to give you my Honest Momma Review on five products from Nuby!

I need to start with the fact that we are already a Nuby family. It was our love of their products that led to me reaching out to see if we, as a blog, could possibly work with them. I was over the moon when they said yes. So, if I sound super enthusiastic about their products… it because I really am. Honest to goodness, I really love their products.

First up, is by far my favorite and Scarlett’s too… Chamomile Soothing Teething Tablets. These dissolvable tablets are belladonna and benzocaine free which helps put my mind at ease. They help to relax your little one whether they are teething or just fussy due to a leap. Scarlett knows what is coming when I get the bottle out and she has this little giggle she does before she gets food or something she likes. They typically seem to work within 30 minutes and I feel comfortable enough giving her 2 (you can do up to 3 every 6 hours) at a time. This one is definitely momma and baby approved!

The next three items are ones your littles can really sink their teeth… well, gums into!

The Tuggy Teething Ball (available at Wal-Mart but is currently only available in stores) is a teether I have had my eye on since I first saw it! Scarlett loves playing with any kind of ball so I figured this would be a great fit. Well, she loves it but not for the teething aspect. She loves to hold it and squish it up and feel all the textured surfaces. It is so easy for her to grasp with just her fingers, so holding onto it is not a problem. I also love that it is BPA free and made from 100% silicone. We have tried showing her how to teeth with it but she just laughs and then holds it out for us to put in our mouths.

Next up, we let Scarlett explore the Spin n’ Teethe Teether. It is a small triangle shaped teether and is the perfect size for her little hands. There are multiple surface to teeth on, including 3 textured, silicone corners. Another bonus is the bright colors! Since she hasmonovision, we try to make sure that we pick items that will be visually stimulating for Scarlett. She was instantly attracted to it and wanted to play with all the moveable parts! She loves this teether and often plays with it even if she is not actively teething. We show her the different textures and moveable parts by placing her fingers over them. This is great for hand eye coordination as well as exploration.

Scarlett, like many babies, has a particular brand of paci she prefers. With all this teething, we decided to give the Comfort Orthodontic Pacifiers a go. They are so neat! They have soft bristles on the teat (yes, that’s what it is actually called. Google taught me something new!) of the paci that help massage and soothe the sore gums. In addition to helping soothe sore gums it also gently cleans them! Yes, oral health is important even in our babies. I think this is a brilliant product but is not exactly for us. However that is only because Scarlett prefers one brand of paci and refuses all other. She will take her Nuby paci and rub it against her gums so we are still getting the benefits of it just in shorter doses. Included with the 3 pacifiers is a pack of 12 All Natural Citroganix wipes. While the scent was off putting to me, I felt better using it to quickly wipe a dropped (or thrown) paci vs grabbing a clean one or finding a sink to clean the dropped one. Scarlett on the other hand seemed to like the smell as it was the one time she kept the paci in for a good amount of time.

Finally one of my favorite items in the world! Yes, I am that hype about a baby bib! Nuby’s Reversible Teething Bib is perfect for catching all that drool and has a BPA free teething corner. When we are out, we always take one with us to catch the rivers that flow from our teething baby. This helps keep her clothes dry as well as everything else around her. It is made from cotton which is super absorbent and has a great design on each side. The only down side I have to these is that one side seems to have a little more fabric than the other side. This makes it look a little wonky when using the reverse side as the visible side but ultimately it does it’s job well.

To learn more about Nuby and the products they offer, check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest page.

Alright guys and gals, that is this month’s Honest Mom Review. Let me know which Nuby Teething product you are most excited to try in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I recieved these products in exchange for reviewing them. As always all opinions are my own. If you have any questions regarding these products drop them in the comments below and I would be more than happy to give you my opinion or an answer.

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