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DIY Halloween Popsicle Stick Magnets

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I am always looking for quick, easy crafts for us to do as a family or one on one with our oldest. This is a craft that can be translated to any season.

What You’ll Need:

Halloween is our favorite holiday! I wanted to find something that we could do that we could display all year long. Magnets are the perfect way to do just that! First you want to decide what designs you are going to do…. for ours, we chose Frankenstein, a Jack O’Lantern, a Witch, and Scarecrow.

Step 1: Take 4 or 5 popsicle sticks and glue them together side be side to make a flat surface to draw on. Let it sit until dry… times will vary depending upon which glue you use.

Step 2: While the glue is drawing, sketch out your design on paper or on the sticks themselves. Then decide what you are going to color and what you are going to use construction paper or foam sheets for.

Step 3: Keep in mind that markers are going to bleed and seep into the wood. It may take a few different passes to get a rich color. Once it is colored, attach googly eyes if desired.

Step 4: Warm the hot glue gun back up. Carefully attach any foam or paper pieces. Once they are dry, attach magnets to the back. Let dry and you are done!

Let me know what you think of this fun family craft in the comments below!

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