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Honest Mom Reviews: Kids Night In Box

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In addition to the Date Night In Box that I reviewed earlier this year, they also have a Kids Night In Box. It is a fantastic way to take the time to connect with your kid/s. It opens the door to discussion around the months theme which usually ties into a life lesson. For instance a previous box we received was all about manners. What kid doesn’t need a refresher or introduction to that?!?! This month’s theme was Common Bonds!

What was included:

  • Guide Book
  • Granola Bars
  • Globe
  • Game Pieces – we got the Dutch Girl and Japanese Girl
  • Cards for game.
  • Crayons
  • Pencil
  • Pen Pal Letter Template
  • Whoever You Are by Mem Fox

Momma’s Take

I love the Night In Boxes already. The kids box is a great way to connect with your kid. It can open a conversation you may not have had otherwise. This month’s box opens up a discussion on children around the world. How they can be different or the same. It gives you a way to discuss how children in certain areas of the world may have less that we do. I think it is a great reminder in this day and age that there are others who are still struggling for basic necessities.

The Globe was a fantastic tool to show that we live in a big world. We have people we know, through our PFV/Micro groups, internationally. So we took the time to map out where they are.

Game Time was a variation on Candy Land. You start on one end of the world and try to be the fastest at getting to the other side. You can have setbacks (like going back to an icon space) but it teaches perseverance. I always talk to Sissy about how we need to always keep trying. It also comes with two adorable game pieces.

The Book this month was Wherever You Are by Mem Fox. Although, I had to go back and read it on my own afterwards since Sissy was whispering the words when she read it aloud. It gives a great message that no matter where you are there are kids like just like you all over the world. Although there are differences, they ultimately are just like you. Such a great message and a way to show our kids how other children live.

Pen Pal Letter Template was genius! Sissy was the most excited about this. The idea of having a secure place to send our letters is a relief as a mom. Sissy is not sharing her direct information with someone we do not know. We are excited to send it off and see what we receive back.


I highly recommend both the Kids Night In Box and the Date Night In Box. They open a door to connecting with those closest to you that sometimes gets lost in the craziness of today’s times. If you are curious and want to see how amazing the boxes are click the pics below to gets yours today!

Dont forget about the FAITH options!

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    1. Yes! Megan is awesome and since they are a small company, customer service is excellent! I actually messaged Megan a question and she responded within an hour. Where else would you get a CEO that does that?!?!


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