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How Did You Fall In Love?

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I love hearing how people met and fell in love. I am a sucker for it. Today, I want to share with you how Hubs and I met.

In 2014, I separated from my, now ex, husband. We filed for divorce in early 2015. By the end of 2014, we knew that this is where it was going. Once we vocalized it and I came to terms with this huge change (we had been married almost 10 years and together for almost 12), I decided to try dating. I have always been shy. Always. So I decided to join a few online dating sites just to get back out there. It felt too soon but, at this point, we had been separated for months and our marriage had long been dead.

I had talked to a few guys before I internet met Hubs. You have to weed out the creeps… a lot of creeps when going through an online dating site. I found him funny and sweet but I definitely had my guard up. We set up a date… I was super nervous but also excited. I knew that first date that there was something special about him. I had more than one person tell me to not settle for the first guy I went on a date with. I just knew there was something there.

We continued talking via text mainly. We had our second date a few weeks after our first. It was just like a missing puzzle piece. We just worked. I spent a lot of time with him. Talking, watching movies, and getting to know each other. Discussions ranged from favorite TV show to why we felt our marriages didn’t work. Both of us were divorced around roughly the same time frame. I know this is super vague but I feel like we still have the same relationship. He has become my rock and he keeps me laughing.

A constant joke in our relationship is that we survived a road trip to NYC and back so we can survive anything as a couple. We waited until late September or early October before I met Sissy. This was a discussion we had early on. I was the kid who’s dad introduced them to every girl friend he had. I did not want to come into a child’s life unless I knew it was going to work between the two of us.

This is the very pared down version because I want to talk about what’s more important that falling in love and that is staying in love. We have kids, we have jobs, and one of us has 2 blogs and a craft business. Time is scarce but we carve out time for the two of us. Either to watch our TV shows together, go to dinner (or lunch), and just enjoy time alone. One of the most consistent things we do is our Date Night In Boxes. This months theme fits in perfectly with this post which is why I delayed it until we could have our date night.

Included in this month’s box was a mini kit to make a candle, dice and score cards for bunco, and my favorite. A slice of a tree to write important dates in the rings. We decided to start with our first date and left room to continue adding as the years go by. We also used the enclosed stamp pad to make a heart from our thumbprints.

I am going to be completely honest, we had had a rough day. We had argued and I wasn’t sure if our date night was going to happen. We took time apart to cool off and we ended up laughing so much during our time together. Especially over how competitive I was getting in the game of Bunco. While falling in love is what brought you together there is so much more that connects and binds you together. You have to keep your roots healthy to make your relationship bloom.

I want to know, how did you meet/fall in love with your spouse/significant other? Let me know in the comments below!

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