About Scarlett

Our second daughter, Scarlett, was born in August 2017. Shortly after birth she was diagnosed with Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous (PHPV, now more commonly known as Persistent Fetal Vasculature or PFV), Micropthalmia, and a Congenital Cataract. We knew at the time of her diagnosis that there was no hope for vision in the affected eye.

She is a bright, happy baby with an attitude. Scarlett has a set of lungs and isn’t afraid to use them. She enjoys Baby First TV and hanging out with her sensory toy elephant, Ellie. She loves being read to by her big sister, Emma, who is an awesome big sister.

Hopefully, as she grows and we share our story, we raise a humble child who is dedicated to teaching others about PFV, Micro and Prosthetic Eyes.