Welcome to our little corner of the web. Eye See Scarlett was started as a way for parents of children with Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous (PHPV but is now more commonly known as Persistent Fetal Vasculature or PFV), Micropthalmia, and Cataracts to find out more information and to know that they are not alone. Why these specific conditions? Our youngest daughter, Scarlett, was born with these three congenital defects and we struggled to find information on them.

We are a Midwestern family of four that loves to laugh, be geeky, and spend time together. Join us on our journey through life. We will be discussing various topics around parenting, mom life, food, kids craft, and anything else that grabs our attention. We have Scarlett’s Story posted in a 5 blog post series for more information on her and our journey with her so far. Occasionally, we will update or share Scarlett’s adventures among our various posts. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to subscribe! We’d love to have you along for our amazing journey!

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